Märjamaa Entrepreneurs’ Club was established in the year 2000 as a non-profit organization. It joins private entrepreneurs of Märjamaa area (Märjamaa, Kullamaa, Risti and Vigala municipalities), located in Rapla County, Estonia. The club has 39 members, most of whom are small businesses.


The purpose of Märjamaa Entrepreneurs’ Club is the following:

1. To encourage regional development.

2. To arrange and support the collaboration of entrepreneurs.

3. Togather anddistribute information about trade and management, business courses,

    meetings, etc.

4. To organize different study courses.

5. To organize events for its members to bind them together.

6. To establish friendly relations with other entrepreneurs` organizations in Estonia and


7. To be represented in other organizations through its membership.

8. To protect its members intrests.



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